Scrivener 3 Fundamentals for Windows

Enroll anytime for indefinite access to written lessons, videos, and the class instructor for questions. This course provides the essential functions and features of Scrivener 3 that you need to get started writing. Valuable for plotters, pantsers/discovery writers, fiction and nonfiction, long or short stories, blogging, or whatever else you're writing.

One-time Payment (Scrivener 3 Fundamentals–Windows)


Unlimited access with no expiration date.

Requirements: Scrivener 3 (trial or paid version, or willingness to download it), Windows 7 SP1+ with .NET Framework 4.6.2+

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Things to Know Before You Start

Creating a New Project and Scrivener Introduction

Writing in the Editor

Working with Documents and Folders

Understanding the Binder

Planning Your Project with the Synopsis and Corkboard

Finding Anything in Your Project

Protecting Your Work with Backups

Compiling (Exporting) Your Manuscript

Getting More Help

What Others Have Said

Just What I Wanted
By: staceylcummings

This class was wonderful. I had used Scrivener before but it was a long time ago on a prior version. I was jumping around on youtube and blogs trying to grasp version 3 changes and wasting too much time. This course gave me everything I needed to know to get started. Gwen is a professional teacher. Everything is organized and easy to understand. She stays on track with the topics and replies to questions you enter in the comments. You will be up and running when you finish this course!

Generous Course
By: Nev Jones

I'll never be as much of an expert as Gwen Hernandez, but she is never mean about sharing her knowledge. A most helpful and easy-to-follow course.

By: Stewart Connell

I enjoyed the course and will continue to refer to it. I intend doing the Scrivener 3 Mastery for Windows course but maybe not immediately. I may get some more experience of using Scrivener first.

A Very Helpful Class
By: Francis Szarejko

Outstanding course. Well structured, easy to follow, and enough detail to make it easy to understand without being overwhelming. I feel much more confident using Scrivener 3 for Windows.