Thank you for joining me for Scrivener 3 Fundamentals!

I’m a romantic suspense writer who’s been using Scrivener almost daily since 2009, and teaching others to use it since 2011. You know what I’ve learned (besides lots of cool Scrivener tricks, and not to add too much backstory)?

If you find Scrivener intimidating, or feel like you don’t use it to its full potential, you’re not alone.


Anything new can be overwhelming, and I think Scrivener often is because it looks different from other word processors. It has so many great features, for both plotters and pantsers, that you may find yourself wanting to learn everything at once, and then getting frustrated that you can’t.

So, pace yourself. My goal is to help you master the foundations of Scrivener and then build on that. None of the fancy stuff matters if you aren’t comfortable using the program to, you know, write.

Along the way, I’ll answer all of your questions on any Scrivener topic, and hopefully introduce you to some tools that will solve your writing “pain points.” And I’ll try to make it fun! As much as a nerd who has a favorite kind of metadata and likes to write software manuals can, anyway. 😉

I look forward to introducing you to my favorite writing software. Thanks for being here!


Gwen Hernandez

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