Typewriter Scrolling

Typewriter scrolling—one of my favorite features—which keeps the line you’re working on at a fixed position on the screen (set your preferred location in Scrivener>Preferences>Editing), has always been available in both the Editor (off by default) and in Composition Mode (in which it’s on by default), but there are a few changes to note.

  • If you edit text somewhere else on the screen, typewriter scrolling uses that position as the new scroll point to prevent the document from moving around. This solves the problem of the line you're working on leapfrogging to the center of the screen when you click in the text to make a change. Trust me, it'll save your eyeballs.
  • As long as there is room to do so, you can move the current line back to the center of the Editor, via Command+J or Edit>Find>Jump to Selection.

Typewriter scrolling can be turned off or on for either Composition mode or the Editor via View>Text Editing>Typewriter Scrolling.