Searchable, Comparable Snapshots

Snapshots work almost exactly as before, but with two important and exciting changes. They are now searchable, and can be compared to the current version of a document!

Searching Your Snapshots

To me, one of the biggest weaknesses in previous versions of Scrivener was that you could capture versions of a document, but those versions were not searchable at the project level. No longer.

To search for specific text within your snapshots, go to Documents>Snapshots>Snapshots Manager. Type the word or words you’d like to find in the Search box at the top left. The list of snapshots changes to show only those with a match.

Comparing a Snapshot to the Current Version

You can now compare a snapshot to the current version of the document. To do so, select the desired snapshot in the Snapshots pane of the Inspector and click the Compare button.

The Compare button changes to Original, and the differences from the current version are highlighted in the pane below. Red strike-through text represent text that is not in the current version (deleted), and blue underlined text represents text that is in the current version, but not the snapshot (added).

Click Original to view the snapshot as it is and turn off comparison mode.