Search Button

There’s a new Search button on the toolbar that aggregates several search-related functions, including Project Search, Document Search, Find by Formatting, and Project Replace.

Accessing Project Search

To quickly access Project Search, click the Search button and a search box opens at the top of the Binder.

This search box works just like before. Type the characters to search for in the text box.

Changing the Search Parameters

To change the search parameters, click the small magnifying glass in the text box to view a submenu.

The Project Search submenu has a new option. Invert Results displays the opposite of your search request (e.g. If your search is set up to find all documents with the word “phenomenal” in them, choosing Invert Results will display all documents that do not contain that word).

Performing Other Types of Searches

To choose other types of searches besides Project Search, click the down arrow portion of the Search button in the toolbar and choose the desired option.