Scrivenings (Multiple Document) View

The dividers for Scrivenings have changed from solid bars to a more discreet gray, dashed line. As always, you can change the appearance of Scrivenings, but those options are now located under Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance>Scrivenings.

Scrivenings preferences window

Also, when the option to view titles in Scrivenings view is turned on (View>Text Editing>Show Titles in Scrivenings), the title size adjusts to indicate its position in the Binder hierarchy, growing subsequently smaller for lower-level items.

Scrivenings view showing decreasing title fonts

You can adjust the size of the title fonts in Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance>Scrivenings under the Fonts tab.

For some of the new features related to Scrivenings view, check out Scrivenings Titles, Bookish Display, and Navigation.