Scrivenings Titles, Bookish Display, and Navigation

Showing Titles in Scrivenings

You’ve always been able to view Binder titles in Scrivenings view (now available via View>Text Editing>Show Titles in Scrivenings), but now the title fonts adjust in size to correspond to the item’s level in the Binder.

In addition, you can now choose to display only folder titles and not document titles. To turn on this option, go to View>Text Editing>Only Scrivenings Titles for Folders. NOTE: “Show Titles in Scrivenings” must be turned on for this option to be available.

Viewing with the Bookish Display

If you really want to view your manuscript more like a printed book, you can turn on the “Bookish” option in Preferences. Go to File>Options>Appearance>Scrivenings, make sure the Options button is selected at the top. Under Scrivenings Separator, choose Bookish from the Normal drop-down menu.

The image below shows a manuscript with all of these options turned on.

Navigating in Scrivenings View

While you can always choose Navigate>Editor>Lock in Place to prevent Binder selections from changing what displays in the Editor, a new, quicker option is to click the Navigate To Section button and select a file from the list to jump to that point within the text.