Quick Search Bar and Word Count

Scrivener’s new Quick Search feature is located in the center of the toolbar. Most of the time, it displays the title of the document you’re currently working on, but it's a bit of a chameleon.

Searching Your Project with the Quick Search Bar

Click in the text box and type a word or phrase to get a list of files containting those characters, organized by where they were found (e.g. Titles, Text). Click on a listed item to open it in the Editor, or choose Full Project Search to access the Project Search feature.

Viewing Word Counts in the Quick Search Bar

When you hover over it, it shows the total word count of the manuscript (everything in the Draft folder that’s marked to be included in Compile), and the session count.

If you've set a word count goal in Project Targets, hovering over the Quick Search bar displays the actual word count versus your goals, and provides progress bars along the upper and lower edges.