Project Targets Enhancements

Project Targets (Project>Show Project Targets) work basically the same, but with a couple of new features that make it easier to track your progress.

Viewing Progress Bars in Toolbar

If you don’t have a session target, progress toward your Draft target now shows as a thin, blue line along the top of the Quick Search bar.

If you have set both a Session and Draft target, the Draft target is displayed along the top of the Quick Search bar, and the Session target along the bottom.

project targets bars in Quick Search bar

Viewing Word Counts in the Toolbar

If you have any targets set, you can see the actual word count over the goal by hovering your mouse over the Quick Search bar.

target word counts in the Quick Search bar

Understanding Project Targets Overrun Options

In the Project Targets Options window (go to Project>Show Project Targets and click Options…), the Draft and Session target options have been separated into two tabs.

project targets options window

The Draft Target tab contains a new option called Show Overrun. If you turn that on, Scrivener gives you a red bar showing how much overrun you have beyond the allowance you’ve set.

Project targets window showing draft progress with overrun

Draft progress showing overrun


project targets window with no overrun indicator

Draft progress within allowance