Project Favorites

Adding a Project to the Favorites List

If you like to play favorites, you can now add any project you're working on to a list of favorites via File>Add Project to Favorites. This allows you to quickly locate a project even if it’s not in your Recents list.

What surprised me most was that even if I moved the project to a new location, as long as it was on a drive accessible from my computer, Scrivener found it!

Accessing Your Favorite Projects

To access your favorite projects, go to File>Favorite Projects and choose the desired project.

menu showing Project Favorites list

Removing the Current Project from the Favorites List

To remove the project you're currently working in from the favorites list, go to File>Remove Project from Favorites.

Clearing the Project Favorites List

To clear the Favorites list, go to File>Favorite Projects>Clear Favorites.