Project Bookmarks Upgrades

In addition to working with project bookmarks (fka References) in the Inspector, you can get quick access to project bookmarks from the toolbar.

Adding Files to the Project Bookmarks List

To add a file to the Project Bookmarks list, drag it from the Binder onto the red Bookmarks button on the toolbar, or go to Documents>Add to Project Bookmarks. This also works with a multiple selection of files.

arrow showing where to drag-and-drop a file

Viewing a Bookmarked Document

Click the Bookmarks button to view the list, and select an item from the list to view it from the Editor.

bookmarks list and button annotated

Opening a Bookmarked File in a Quick Reference Panel

To open a bookmarked file in a quick reference panel, right-click (or Control+click) the item in the list and choose Open as Quick Reference.

Navigating Project Bookmarks

To navigate quickly between project bookmarks while working in a Quick Reference (QR) panel, click the Bookmark button in the QR panel to view a sidebar of all project bookmarks. Select the desired document to open it in the current QR panel.

Quick Reference panel with bookmarks sidebar displayed

Removing a Document from the Bookmarks List

Remove a document from the Bookmarks list by selecting it and choosing Documents>Remove From Project Bookmarks.

Reordering the Bookmarks List

For quick access, you can put your most frequently accessed files at the top of the Bookmarks list. To reorder the list, simply drag and drop files to get the desired order. This will not affect their order in the Binder.