Menu Changes

Here’s a list of the menu items that have been moved or renamed, and where they went. When an item was renamed, I included the new name at the end of the new menu location. You can download a copy of this list by clicking any of the links below.

Excel Spreadsheet: Mac-MenuTableS3
Numbers Spreadsheet: Mac-MenuTableS3-Numbers
PDF: Mac-MenuTableS3-PDF

Item Scrivener 2 Location Scrivener 3 Location
Append Synopsis to Main Text Documents Documents>Auto-Fill>Set Synopsis From Main Text
Auto-Complete List Project Project>Project Settings
Auto-Generate Synopsis Documents Documents>Auto-Fill
Auto-Generate Title Documents Documents>Auto-Fill>Set Selected Text as Title
Auto-Number Edit>Insert Insert
Bibliography/Citations Format Insert
Binder Affects View Navigate>Binder Selection Affects
Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax Format>Convert File>Compile>Options>Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown (when Compile for MultiMarkdown selected)
Collections View Navigate
Comment Format Insert
Composition Backdrop View Project>Project Settings>Background Images
Copy Formatting Format>Formatting Format
Current Date & Time Edit>Insert Insert
Custom MetaData Project>Meta-Data Settings Project>Project Settings
Default New Subdocument Type Documents Documents>Default Template for Subdocuments
Draft Character Count Edit>Insert Insert
Draft Word Count Edit>Insert Insert
Editor View Navigate
Endnote Marker Edit>Insert Insert
Exclude From Automatic Backups File>Back Up Project>Project Settings>Backup
Favorites Documents Documents>Add to Project Bookmarks
Footnote Format Insert
Go To View Navigate
Group Documents Documents>New Folder From Selection
Hoist/Unhoist Binder Documents View>Outline
Horizontal Line Edit>Insert Insert
Image From File… Edit>Insert Insert
Image Linked to File… Edit>Insert Insert
Inline Annotation Format Insert
Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Convert Inline Annotations to Inspector Comments
Inline Footnote Format Insert
Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Convert Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes
Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Convert Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations
Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Convert Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations
Label List Project>Meta-Data Settings Project>Project Settings
Line Break Edit>Insert Insert>Break
MathType Equation Edit>Insert Insert
Media View Navigate
Move Focus To View Navigate
Move to Trash Documents Documents (now at the bottom)
Move>Move Up/Down/Left/Right Documents Edit
Move>To Documents Documents>Move To
Multiple Spaces to Space Format>Convert Edit>Text Tidying
Non-Breaking Space Edit>Insert Insert>Break
Open Documents Navigate
Page Break Edit>Insert Insert>Break
Paste Formatting Format>Formatting Format
Preserve Formatting Format>Formatting Format
Presets (changed to Styles) Format>Formatting Format>Style
Project Properties Project>Meta-Data Settings File>Compile>MetaData
Quick Reference View Navigate>Open Quick Reference
Quotes to Smart Quotes Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Convert Quotes to Smart Quotes
Reveal in Binder View Navigate
Set Selected Text as Title Documents Documents>Auto-Fill
Set Selection as Templates Folder Project Project>Project Settings>Special Folders
Show Colors Format>Font Format>Color…
Show Compiled Footnote Numbers in Inspector Format>Options View>Text Editing
Show Invisibles Format>Options View>Text Editing
Show Line Numbers Format>Options View>Text Editing
Show Titles in Scrivenings Format>Options View>Text Editing
Shows Subdocument Counts Scrivener>Preferences>Appearance View>Outline>Show Subdocument Counts in Binder
Sort Documents Edit>Move>Sort Ascending (A-Z)/Sort Descending (Z-A)
Status List Project>Meta-Data Settings Project>Project Settings
Strip Leading Tabs Format>Convert Edit>Text Tidying
Text Format Format>Paragraph
Text Preferences Project Project>Project Settings>Formatting
Text Statistics Project Project>Statistics
To Lowercase Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Make Lowercase
To Small Caps Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Make Small Caps
To Title Case Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Make Title Case
To Uppercase Format>Convert Edit>Transformations>Make Uppercase
Typewriter Scrolling Format>Options View>Text Editing
Word Joiner Edit>Insert Insert>Break