Label Threads on the Corkboard

The Corkboard works basically the same as before with one big exception. You can now display the index cards on the Corkboard in threads that correspond to their Label color.

Arranging Index Cards by Thread Label

Here’s how it works.

1. Select the desired folder. If you’re not automatically put into Corkboard mode, go to View>Corkboard.

2. Go to View>Corkboard Options>Arrange by Label, or click the Arrange by Label button in the footer (see image below).

corkboard arranged by label threads

Each colored line represents a Label value, and those cards with that value are placed on the thread in Binder order from left to right.

Changing an Index Card's Label Value

Even cooler? You can change a document’s label value by dragging a card from one thread to another!

Viewing Threads Vertically

You can view the threads vertically instead by going to View>Corkboard Options>Arrange by Label Layout>in Columns.