How This Course Works

Viewing Your Course and Getting Started

You can access this course anytime from the Courses page. Here's how.

  1. Click the Courses link in the header to view all courses. website header with Courses link circled
  2. Click the link/course tile for Jump Into Scrivener 3 for Windows: A Mini-Course for Scrivener 1 Users. The course page loads.
  3. Click the lesson tile or link for “How This Course Works” (or any desired lesson) to get started. You can jump directly to a lesson by clicking it in the outline below or to the right of the Get Started/Continue button (see above). course page showing links to click to view lessons

Moving to the Next Lesson

To move to the next lesson, click the Next Lesson: <Lesson Name> button below at the bottom of the current lesson, or select a lesson from the outline at the right. Because this is a free course without enrollment, the course syllabus will not track which lessons you've completed.

You can also go back a lesson by clicking the Previous Lesson tile.

previous and next lesson tiles

Returning to the Main Course Page

Return to the main course page anytime by clicking the link at the top of any lesson.

course link at top of page circled

Viewing Your Courses and Achievements

Click Your Account | Log In. If/once you are logged into the site, the Your Account page displays your course enrollments and any achievement badges you’ve earned for completing lessons and courses.

Changing Your Account Settings

Click the Account Settings link at the top to change your name, email address, or password.

If you’d like to have a photo associated with your account, you can create a Gravatar linked to the email you’re using for the course. It’s free. For more information, check out