How This Course Works

Logging In

You can access your account page anytime by clicking the Your Account | Log In link in the menu. Your account link

Viewing Your Course and Getting Started

Once logged in, your account page displays the courses you’re enrolled in under the Courses In-Progress heading.
  1. Click View Course to access the main course page (see above image), or click the course link.
  2. On the course page, scroll down and click Get Started to access the first lesson (or Continue if you’ve already started the course). course page Or, you can jump directly to a lesson by clicking it in the outline below or to the right (see above).

Moving to the Next Lesson

To move to the next lesson, click the Mark Complete button at the bottom of the current lesson. This puts a colored checkmark on that lesson in the course outline, advances you to the next lesson, and updates your progress bar. progress bar and outline You can also click the Next Lesson: <Lesson Name> button below the Mark Complete button/Lesson Complete message, or select a lesson from the outline at the right.

Returning to the Main Course Page

Return to the main course page anytime by clicking the link at the top of any lesson.

Viewing Videos

Many of the lessons include a video review at the end. Here’s how to use the player.
  • To watch a video, click the Play button on the video (right-pointing triangle).
  • To pause, click the Pause button (two vertical bars).
  • To view the video in full screen, click the Full Screen button.
  • To adjust the video quality, click the HD button on the player. Higher numbers are better.
  • To turn on closed captioning, click the CC button at bottom right of player (not shown in image below) and choose English CC. Click the CC button again to turn off captions.
  • To exit full screen, click the Full Screen button again, or press the Esc key on your keyboard.
video player controls

Downloading Review Sheets

Review sheets are included in the last lesson of each section in both Word (DOCX) and PDF formats. Simply click the link for the desired version to download the file to your computer. download links NOTE: If a PDF opens in your web browser instead, you can click the download button on the screen, or go to File>Export As PDF. If you’d like to try the lesson material on your own project, the review sheets are a good way to walk through highlights of the course.

Viewing Your Courses and Achievements

Click Your Account | Log In. If/once you are logged into the site, the Your Account page displays your course enrollments and any achievement badges you’ve earned for completing lessons and courses.

Changing Your Account Settings

Click the Account Settings link at the top to change your name, email address, or password. If you’d like to have a photo associated with your account, you can create a Gravatar linked to the email you’re using for the course. It’s free. For more information, check out

4 thoughts on “How This Course Works”

  1. DR. C J SINGH says:

    15 April 2020
    Dear Gwen Hernandez,
    After a long gap, I am ready to resume revising the draft of my novel.
    I had saved lot of library research and my ideas on Scrivener 3.0. When I opened Scrivener yesterday, I updated as suggested, but then got a warning about damaging my files. I stopped immediately. Now, I want to first re-learn how to use Scrivener 3.

    I decided to do the Tutorial first and then re-do your excellent Coaching step-by-step.
    When I tried to open the Scrivener Tutorial, I got the warning:
    ” The project “Tutorial.scriv” is stored inside its own automatic backups folder. This could potentially result in data loss in the event of an automatic backup trying to overwrite the current project file. It is therefore strongly recommended that you close the project and move it to a different location.”
    The Scrivener version on my MacBookPro is: 3.15 (12258).
    Please advise how to access the Online Scrivener 3.15 Tutorial.
    c j singh

    1. Hi, Dr. Singh! Scrivener doesn’t like it when your working file and the backup copy are saved in the same location (i.e., folder) on your computer. The fix is to move either your working files or backups to a different location. You can choose where backups are stored by going to Scrivener>Preferences>Backup and clicking the Choose button.

      Enjoy getting back to writing!


    Ready to fire!

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