Editor Settings

Icon Menu

Clicking the document icon in the Editor no longer provides a shortcut menu. You now have to right-click the icon to get the menu.

Also, all of the items on the header menu are still available in the regular menus. The most commonly used option—Reveal in Binder—is located under Navigate>Reveal in Binder.

Editor Text Width

Scrivener’s editor is now set to a fixed width by default. To force the editor to expand as you expand the Scrivener window, go to File>Options>Appearance. Select Main Editor in the sidebar and deselect “Use fixed width editor.”

Include in Compile

An “Include in Compile” button has been added to the Editor footer. A checkmark in the icon means the document is marked to be included.

include in compile button in editor footer

An X shows it has been deselected (excluded from Compile).

exclude from compile indicator in editor footer

This option to include/exclude a document from the Compile list is also still available in the Inspector under the Metadata tab, and in the Compile window.