Downloading, Installing, and Registering Scrivener

Installing via the Mac App Store

To add Scrivener through the Mac App Store, do the following.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for Scrivener.
  3. Click the button to purchase Scrivener.
    The App Store handles downloading, installing, and registering Scrivener.

NOTE: Downloading Scrivener through the Mac App store is easier, but you won't receive updates as quickly, and there may be a few areas of limited function due to Apple's rules for software. Also, Apple takes a cut of the profits. 😉

If you're installing Scrivener through the Mac App store, you can skip the remainder of this lesson.

Downloading the Scrivener Software

If you haven't done it already, here's how to download the Scrivener software to your computer.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Download Free Trial button.
    L&L Home page
  3. Click the Download Free Trial button for the Mac version.
    Download page at L&LThe Scrivener.dmg file downloads to you computer, most likely to your Downloads folder.
    Scrivener file in Downloads

Installing Scrivener

Here's how to install Scrivener once you've downloaded the file.

  1. Double-click on the Scrivener.dmg file (if it didn't automatically open).
  2. Read the licensing agreement and click Agree.
  3. Drag the Scrivener icon onto the Applications folder icon.
    Install pageScrivener runs the installation.
  4. Open Finder and eject Scrivener (click the gray up arrow, as shown below).
    ejecting the dmg file
  5. Delete Scrivener.dmg from the Downloads folder.

Registering/Paying for Scrivener

Scrivener comes with a 30-use free trial. Every time you open the software during the free trial, Scrivener will remind you how many days you have left and prompt you to pay and register.

— Click Buy Online to purchase Scrivener. (Or click here to purchase right now.)

Upon payment, you'll receive a registration code via email with your unique serial number in the following format:


TIP: Save the serial number and name you registered under in a safe place. You'll need both again if you install Scrivener on an additional computer in your household (must also be a Mac), or if you have to reinstall after a hard drive failure, etc.

To register your copy, do the following.

  1. Open Scrivener.
    You should get a “Scrivener is unregistered!” text box prompting you to pay and register. (If not, go to Scrivener—>Register.)
  2. In the Serial Number Name text box, enter the name you used when you paid.
  3. In the Serial Number text box, enter the serial number (or copy and paste from your confirmation email).
  4. Click Register.
    Once your information is authenticated, you can begin using Scrivener immediately, and you won't receive the prompt to register anymore.

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