Asking Questions

Got questions? You can ask about the lesson topics, Scrivener issues you’re having with your own projects, or how to approach writing different types of content in Scrivener.

Just add a comment at the bottom of any lesson.

Adding a Comment

Each lesson page has a comment section at the bottom. Simply type your question in the box and click Post Comment.

Adding an Image

Screenshots are a great way to show me exactly what you’re talking about or to show me how you have things set up in your own project. (If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, check out the “Capturing Screenshots” lesson.) To include a screenshot with your comment, click the Choose File button and select an image file from your computer. File must be no larger than 128MB (if it is, you’ll get a weird error that I have no control over). If your file is larger than 128MB, you’ll need to resize it before attaching to your comment.

The image will display in the comment as a thumbnail.

TIP: Previewer on the Mac is good for adjusting file sizes. In Finder, double-click the image to open it, then go to Tools>Adjust Size and adjust the height or width. Changing the longest side between 800-1200 pixels should do the trick. You can see the new file size in the Resulting Size pane at the bottom.

Viewing an Attachment

To view an image attached to a comment, click the image. The full-size image appears in a new tab on your browser.

Subscribing to Comments

To be notified when anyone else comments on the lesson, select the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox before posting your comment. You can unsubscribe from future comments at any time, or subscribe without commenting by clicking the “subscribe” link.

Searching Comments

To search the existing comments for a topic, use Edit>Find to search the lesson page. The search box usually opens in the upper right corner of the page, but may differ depending on your browser. Or you can scroll through the comments.

18 thoughts on “Asking Questions”

  1. Mark Anderson says:

    Is there a way to see comments posted by others without having to add comments of my own? Thanks. Enjoying the course thus far.

    1. Hi, Mark. This class is new, so you’re the first commenter! You should be able to see everyone’s comments on a lesson, there just weren’t any yet. 🙂

    2. Mark: Another thought. If you ever want to follow comments left on a specific lesson without having to leave a comment, you should be able to check the “Subscribe to comments via email” box beneath the comment window.

  2. Mark Anderson says:

    Thank you, Gwen!

    1. Laurie Mueller says:

      I’m here now. Its taken me this long to find the time but now I’m in Mexico and there is no excuse….oh except maybe the sun, the surf, and the tequila!

      1. Enjoy Mexico and the class, Laurie! 😉

  3. Sophia Coudenhove says:

    Will I be OK with Scrivener 2.8.1? Thanks.

    1. Sophia: In most cases, yes, but there are some things that have changed. If you want to see the major differences between versions 2 and 3, you can check out the free Jumpstart class on this site. And if you prefer to switch to the original Mac class for version 2, send me an email through the Contact page.

      If your hardware supports it, I’d recommend upgrading to version 3 when you can though. There are some cool updates, and I don’t know how long L&L plans to support the older version. Thanks.

  4. Rosalyne Field says:

    Hi Gwen,
    I have a MacBook with Scrivener 3 on it, but also an iPad Pro. I noticed Scrivener has an App I can get for my iPad. Do you think it’s worth it? Have you used the App and do you know if it can sync with the Scrivener for Mac? Any advice would be appreciated!
    Enjoying the course so far 🙂

    1. Hi, Rosalyne. If you plan to work on the go, I think Scrivener for iOS is great. Definitely worth $20. Even better if you use a bluetooth keyboard.

      It’s not quite as full featured as the desktop version, but has all the important capabilities, IMO. And it syncs easily with Scrivener for Mac. To do that, you keep any projects you want to be able to work on in Dropbox in the Apps folder in a Scrivener subfolder that gets created when you link the iOS version to your Dropbox account. I have a few blog posts about the iOS version at:

  5. Bonnie Samuel says:

    Hi Gwen, It has been most helpful to refresh and learn new Scrivener ways. Thanks.

    One question, though……it seems the gremlin that haunts my MacBook has made multiple copies of files and folders is a duplicator supreme! I use Dropbox — Scrivener claims Dropbox is now safe to use. Do you concur?

    Thanks much.

    1. Glad to hear it, Bonnie! Regarding Dropbox, it is generally safe. That said, make sure you have it set to store your Scrivener files on your hard drive and not just online. To make that change, go to Dropbox in Finder and select the folder that contains your Scrivener projects. Right-click (or Control+click or two-finger click on a trackpad) and choose Make Available Offline.

      I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about.


  6. Bonnie Samuel says:

    Hi Gwen, attached is screen shot from Dropbox to project: Book-Ray & Lola_Feb 24, Scrivener project. I fear I have the project saved more than once! What I am not seeing in the attached is “make available offline.”
    Next move?


    1. Bonnie: It looks like you have the older version of Dropbox. Or possibly an older version of MacOS, which is fine. The other place it might show up is if you click on the Dropbox icon at the top right of your computer screen and click on your account image. Look for Manage Hard Drive Space in the menu that appears. That lets you adjust what’s available offline/online.

      Also, I found in the documentation that if you open a Dropbox file from Finder, it automatically makes it available offline.

      As far as getting duplicates, usually the only way that happens is if you use File>Save As to create a copy or backup, which is not recommended under most circumstances. That, or if you’re creating backups to the same folder where you keep your working project file (also not recommended).

      If you know which one is the current one, I’d rename it something that makes that clear, and delete the rest, or move them into your backups folder, or a folder where you store old versions or something so you don’t get confused. Then, if you use the Recent Projects list to open your project, I’d clear that (File>Recent Projects>Clear Menu). After that, open your project the first time from Finder and that will start repopulating your Recent Projects menu.

      1. Bonnie Samuel says:

        A wee question….regarding backups….I have set “backup at closing”…..does that update the previous BU or stand alone as a backup?
        Backups go to Dropbox and land in BU folder for the specific project.
        When opening each day, I go to Scriv, go to “file” and select what I assume is the latest version…


        1. A backup is always a new copy. Scrivener keeps the selected number on hand, so if you choose 5 in the Backup settings window, it’ll keep the five most recent backup copies made.

          Unless you’ve changed it for a specific project, backups for all projects will go to the same folder.

          Ideally, you’re never opening your backup files. They’re just there in case of emergency. You should only be working with your regular project file. If you’re going to File>Recent Projects and choosing from that list, you should be fine. Backups will not appear there unless you’ve opened one from Finder in the past.

  7. Bonnie Samuel says:

    Hi Gwen, I am really getting a clearer picture of how all this works and most definitely appreciate you help to clear my fog!
    After doing the exercise on the finder, I’m cleaning up all those duplicate files! MacMost also has some great videos on this by the way.
    I’ve also delved into the non-fiction template and answered the query I sent you earlier today….now I get it! Your class and additional explanations clear up some of Scrivener’s mysteries! Thank you so very much, Gwen. I’m actually having fun!!! Bonnie

    1. Great! Happy to help. Thanks for the MacMost rec. 🙂

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