Asking Questions

Got questions? You can ask about the lesson topics, Scrivener issues you're having with your own projects, or how to approach writing different types of content in Scrivener.

Just add a comment at the bottom of any lesson.

Adding a Comment

Each lesson page has a comment section at the bottom. Simply type your question in the box and click Post Comment.

posting comments

Adding an Image

Screenshots are a great way to show me exactly what you're talking about or to show me how you have things set up in your own project. (If you don't know how to take a screenshot, check out the “Capturing Screenshots” lesson.) To include a screenshot with your comment, click the Browse button and select an image file from your computer. File must be no larger than 128MB (if it is, you'll get a weird error that I have no control over). If your file is larger than 128MB, you'll need to resize it before attaching to your comment.

The image will display in the comment as a thumbnail.

TIP: Paint is good for adjusting file sizes. In File Explorer, right-click the image and choose Edit. The image opens in Paint (unless you have another photo tool assigned for that file type.) Select Resize. Use percentage or pixels to reduce the size. (For pixels, changing the longest side between 800-1200 pixels should do the trick.)

Viewing an Attachment

To view an image attached to a comment, click the image. The full-size image will appear in a new tab on your browser.

Subscribing to Comments

To be notified when I—or another student—comments on the lesson, select the “Subscribe to comments via email” checkbox before posting your comment. You can unsubscribe from future comments at any time.

Searching Comments

To search the existing comments for a topic, use Ctrl+F (works for most Windows browsers) to open a search bar the lesson page. Or you can scroll through the comments.

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