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Scrivener 1 for Windows: The Basics and Beyond

**SCRIVENER 3 released in March 2021. Unless you have no plans to upgrade, I recommend you register for one of my new SCRIVENER 3 courses.**

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Description: This course walks you through the basics of Scrivener and into some intermediate topics (see course outline at right). You'll learn how to customize your projects for the way you write, including simple but powerful tools for organizing, visualizing, revising, and sharing your work. Includes 80+ step-by-step lessons, 40 instructional videos, cheat/review sheets, a Q&A forum and Facebook group, and a progress chart to keep you on track.

Help: The instructor checks in regularly to answer questions.

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Things to Know Before You Start

Creating a New Project and Scrivener Introduction

Writing in the Editor

Working with Documents and Folders

Understanding the Binder

Planning Your Work with the Synopsis

Color-Coding and Organizing Your Files with Label and Status

Staying Organized with Notes, References, and Keywords

Storyboarding and Planning your Project with the Corkboard

Getting a High-Level View with the Outliner

Writing Without Distractions using Full Screen Mode

Compiling (Exporting) Your Manuscript

Marking Up Your Manuscript with Comments and Annotations

Finding Anything in Your Project

Protecting Your Work with Backups

Getting More Help

What Others Have Said

By: Clodagh Murphy

I've had Scrivener for quite a while, but have never really got to grips with it and all its functionality. I've watched tutorials and read manuals, but could never quite get my head around it. This course has changed all that! It explains everything so clearly, and I finally feel like I understand Scrivener and will be able to use it to its full potential. It will transform my writing life, and I can't wait to set up my new projects. Thanks, Gwen!

Well Worth It
By: Jennifer Cary

Want to thank you, Gwen, for making this easy to follow in small bites. I had taken the complete tutorial Scrivener prvided when I downloaded the program but felt like I wasn't utilizing all the capatilities I could. Now I am more confident and have already tried out several new things. I also printed out all the PDF Cheat Sheets and am making a binder for easy access--I'm old and the brain just can't hold much more. Thank you so much. this was so worth it!

Scrivener 1 for Windows: The Basics and Beyond
By: BJ Hester

This course was well worth the money spent, and the time invested to complete it. Very thorough. I recommend it highly.

Scrivener by Gwen
By: Lison

I appreciated the scrivener's class by Gwen because they are clear, easy to follow, either written or by videos, wich serves me well because I like as much to read the rules than to follow them on a screen. And most of all, Gwen is always there to help you solve a problem. Always... Thank you Gwen, Lison Dubreuil