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Scrivener 3 Compile Mastery for Mac

Enroll anytime for indefinite access to lessons, videos, and the class instructor for questions. Want to know how to turn your manuscript into a Word document, print-ready PDF, ebook, or other file? This course teaches you everything you need to know to compile your work in Scrivener 3. It provides the essential functions and features of compiling, and digs deep to show you how to customize your output. By the end of this course, you will:

  • understand what compiling is.
  • be able to set up your project binder for best compile results.
  • know how to utilize section types for easier formatting.
  • understand the purpose of the Compile window's sections.
  • be able to run through simple compile scenarios in minutes.
  • understand how to customize the Compile function for your needs.
  • be able to create drop caps, custom chapter headings, image separators, files for POD books, printed outlines, and more.


  • 45 step-by-step lessons
  • 20 instructional videos
  • Q&A with the instructor (either on the site or via private Facebook group)
  • Progress chart to keep you on track

Requirements: Scrivener 3 (trial or paid version, or willingness to download it), MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or better, and a basic understanding of Scrivener 3.

Price: $39 Want to try before you buy? Check out the FREE lessons below. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what other students have to say about this course.

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


One-time Payment


Unlimited access with no expiration date.

Things to Know Before You Start

Introducing Compile

Preparing Your Project

Setting Up Section Types

Getting Started with Compile

Choices, Choices, Choices


Customizing Scrivener Formats

Specific Compile Scenarios and Troubleshooting

Getting More Scrivener Help

What Others Have Said

Great Course – Just do it!
By: Amber Starfire

I've been a Scrivener user for years, and I've published several books, yet getting the results I wanted when compiling has always been a pain in the neck for me, with so many options and screens. This course gave me the vocabulary, tools, examples, and practice I needed to master it. I know I'll come back many times to review the parts of the lessons that I wasn't able to absorb the first time around. Thank you, Gwen, for this well-organized and well-written course.

By: Rich Schwab

… sure was needed – and I sure got it here. Thanks a lot, Gwen – this course saved me weeks of work!

Whew! I think I've got it
By: Laurel Hislop

Thanks, Gwen for putting together such a comprehensive course. I ran through the course using a practice session in Scrivener. Then I went through each module again working on a current book. I'm now feeling confident with the compile process for the first time. It's a fabulous course.

Outstanding Course
By: Jim Hopkins

I've used Scrivener Mac for years and know my way around pretty good. I've been able to get what I needed done with the compiler, but at the expense of time and frustration. The update to version 3 prompted me to give this course a try and it's been worth every penny. I learned from the first lesson onward. Gwen's material is meticulously planned and presented with clarity. Recommended.

Wow! Now I Get It!
By: Elizabeth

Compiling has always been the bane of my existence. When I got to that point, I had no idea what I was doing. But now--I feel like the Compiling Queen. Gwen's course is amazing--I have no fears about wading in and compiling outlines, pdfs, galleys, and other versions of my WIP. She's given me the knowledge and the confidence to start wading in and clicking all the things. 🙂 This course is great--if you are just looking to turn in a polished looking manuscript to your agent or editor, or if you are self publishing. She teaches you all the tricks. Thank you!!!