A 30-day Scrivener Journey (Mac)

Get Comfortable with Scrivener in 30 Days

Inside this course you’ll learn how to use all the key functions in Scrivener so you can set it up to match your process, and get back to writing.

Plus, you’ll walk away with a custom template you can use over and over save you time on your next manuscript, a maybe even a new writing friend.

Join me for this 30-day group course that includes a blend of short videos, written guides, live sessions, and homework. By the end, you’ll be able to create a project, write, revise, compile your work in Scrivener, and so much more!


  • A step-by-step walk-through of Scrivener’s best features, intermediate topics that aren’t in my current courses, and a solid introduction to compiling.
  • 14 video lessons with written guides and homework assignments.
  • A Facebook group for students only.
  • 4 live Q&A sessions (recorded).
  • Indefinite access to the course materials.

  • Enrollment in this course closed on 04/05/2024. Use the Contact page to request addition to the wait list for the next class. Thanks!

Things to Know Before You Start

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Writing in Scrivener

Module 3: Adding and Organizing Your Content

LIVE Q&A #1 – 23 April 2024 11am PDT

Module 4: Making Notes

Module 5: Tagging Your Documents for Easy Tracking

LIVE Q&A #2 – 28 April 2024 9am PDT

Module 6: Storyboarding with the Corkboard

Module 7: Getting a High-Level View with the Outliner

Module 8: Finding Anything in Your Project

Module 9: Keeping Old Versions with Snapshots

LIVE Q&A #3 – 6 May 2024 4pm PDT

Module 10: Turning Your Manuscript into a Word Document

Module 11: Understanding More Compile Options

Module 12: Protecting Your Work with Backups

Module 13: Saving Time with a Custom Project Template

LIVE Q&A #4 – 16 May 2024 10:30am PDT

Module 14: Getting More Help

(BONUS) LIVE Q&A #5 – 6 June 2024 12:00pm PDT

What Others Have Said

Tapping into the power of Scrivener
By: Mark

Taking advantage of Scrivener's capabilities requires an understanding its many features and how they all work together. Gwen's class does just that, as lesson by lesson you'll come to see how powerful the program is, and how you can best use it to write your book. By combining a series of videos with written exercises, along with live sessions, it's a comprehensive method.

A practical hands-on guide
By: Kathryn Skoyles

If you feel daunted by the possibilities that Scrivener offers and don't quite know where to start, then this is the course for you! Gwen is a great teacher and really knows her stuff. She gently guides you through the main features, with plenty of hands-on help, answers to questions and feedback during the course, and the materials are yours to come back to whenever you need them. A terrific investment in your writing, whatever form that might take. Highly recommended.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions
By: RobinFlanigan

Gwen breaks down her comprehensive Lesson Guide into modules that go into step-by-step detail and can be printed for those of us who need to review instructions often! It's obvious Gwen put a lot of thought into this guide and cares about sharing her knowledge with others.