Gwen in Montana

You wish getting started—or learning more—about Scrivener were easier, right? Let me help.

I'm a working writer, using Scrivener nearly every day for my own manuscripts, blog posts, and more.

Since 2010, I've helped thousands of people all over the world through online courses and one-on-one training, in-person workshops, and Scrivener For Dummies.

I'd love to help you learn Scrivener too.

I started sharing my love for the software in early 2010 through a series of weekly blog posts intended for my writer friends. I never imagined it would turn into a book deal and a training business, but I couldn't be more grateful.

I’m happiest when my work involves learning new things, solving problems, helping others, and digging into new technology. I crave a constant mental challenge. (That’s probably why I was a systems analyst, business school instructor, and manufacturing engineer before I started writing.)


My books and classes on Scrivener and other tech tools for writers feed my inner geek and my desire to teach. Writing romantic suspense keeps me fully engaged with research, solving plot puzzles, and figuring out my characters.Gwen at the AlamoI have wandering feet, and travel is in my soul. Luckily I married an Air Force engineer (retired) who feels the same way. When I’m not writing, teaching, or traveling, I’m usually jogging, practicing Kung Fu, reading, or hanging out with my family in Redondo Beach (Los Angeles).

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